Conference Program






Scientific program of joint conference is focused on topical problems in design of magnetoactive compounds and high-spin molecules. Major sections of scientific program, as usual, will include:

  • Mono-, bi- and polyradicals;
  • Multispin molecules;
  • Metal-organic paramagnets and heterospin complexes;
  • Magnetostructural correlations;
  • Molecular magnets;
  • Methods for investigation of magnetoactive compounds;
  • Magnetism of clusters and nanoparticles.


These topics will also be discussed during Russian-Japanese Workshop, with more specific focus on:

  • Synthesis of novel open-shell compounds;
  • Recent applications of open shell and relevant entities;
  • Quests for novel functionalities of open shell systems;
  • Various spectroscopic techniques to study these systems;
  • Theoretical approaches for description of open shell compounds.

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